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INTRODUCTION                           ~~~The Bloody Land~~~


My name is Barry 'Buck' Conner I have from time to time done a little research and written period articles of my findings. Some of those articles have appeared in publications related to living history and survival.

Time marches on, we still feel like we're twenty years younger in our mind. Hard to come to the fact that we can't do what we use too or find it takes longer to get things done than when in an earlier time.

  • "Muzzle Blasts" NMLRA
  • "Buckskin Report"
  • "Buckskinner"
  • "Poke & Stroke" CSMLA
  • "On the Trail" COHT
  • "American Rendezvous"
  • "Tomahawk & Long Rifle" American Mountain Men Journal
  • "Front Stuffer Journal" PLRA
  • "Backwoodsman"
  • "Smoke & Fire News"
  • "Black Powder Report"
  • "The Colonial Society Journal"
  • "Colorado Collectors" journal.
  • "Smoke Signals" North American Frontiersmen Journal
  • "Amish Recipes" cookbooks
  • and short articles for magazines like "Sports Afield", "American Hunter", "Outdoor Life" and a few others that don't come to mind at this time.









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American Colonies
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